2014 Workshops - Jordan Craig Video & Photo

2014 Workshops

The Jerge Family, November 2012

Photography Worth Sharing

a workshop featuring instruction

and hands-on learning with Jordan Craig

Monday - Friday, June 9th-13th

Monday - Friday, July 21st-25th

Monday - Friday, August - TBA

Monday - Friday, September - 22nd-26th

Have you ever taken pictures of your family or friends only to get home and be underwhelmed by the images? If so, this class is for you! You will learn to take your own phenomenal photographs through simple instruction, guided practice and image critiques. Photography Worth Sharing is a five-day workshop with three hours of instruction and guided practice per day.

Each session will feature interactive instruction, practice opportunities, and a critique of your photography from the day before. We will cover these concepts: the elements of exposure, how to describe and use light, composition technique, dynamic range/latitude, white balance, focal lengths and what they are used for, finding interesting angles, zooming with your feet, and basic editing to make your images pop!

Skill level: Beginner to Intermediate

Equipment: any camera with a Manual mode

Tuition: $450.00/week, $95.00/day

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