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My 2023 Gear List

I love when other creatives ask what I use to create images. This is a portion of my go-to 2023 gear list, along with links to where you can buy them. I earn a small commission from the retailer if you use these links.

Canon R6 Camera

This is the main camera I use for stills, and a great b-camera for video capture. For weddings, the 20mp raw images are easy to work with and don't take up that much space compared to some of the larger image sizes of other cameras. [Amazon]

28-70 f2 Lens

The king of low-light, then lens captures about 80% of the images in my final galleries. the 28mm to 70mm range is versatile and flattering for single portraits and group portraits alike. [Amazon]

RODE Go II Mic System

I looked for a simple, reliable mic system for years. When the RODE Go came out, it provided a simple wireless lab mic. With version 2, RODE added on-mic recorded and a 2nd lap to the system making this a no-brainer. I now have 2 sets I bring to every shoot. [Amazon]

More resources are in development